In this post we will try review and write about best games and apps at the moment in market.

Top 3 paid games by money:


  1. Minecraft pocket edition. Also, game is very popular in other devices too. Like in pc, ps4, xbox one and other. Its almost most popular game few years, where you need build maps, and play there. Thousands of people playing minecraft everyday so thats great that we can play with mobile too.
  2. Toca life office. App and game is like real office. There you can play with laptop, printer, table, pencil or what you want with and what available in office. Really great tool, i recommend and try. Also this company have more games which you can try like: toca life school, toca life vacation, toca life city. All games a great with cool idea.
  3. and still plague inc. Wow, this game is still popular on cost money games. First time it happened maybe 2 years ago, and its still popular. In game you need good strategy. Its strategy video game which available in any device like iphone or android.

Top 3 free games and apps for download:


  1. rolly vortex – new game which you can download for free at appstore, or for android with google play. If you want check this arcade and adventure gameplay, do with youtube.
  2. still snapchat is popular? Of course yes. Its not first like before, but it have second place. Thats great. I think i dont need talk more about this social app, where you talk with friends or share some photo with video.
  3. and of course youtube app. Video watching app got thrid place. It will go down? Yea maybe, when everyone download it. 🙂 With youtube , you can watch videos about news, games, listen music or stream live videos.

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What games and apps popular now